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Ondertussen in Nederland - Trainer!

Short documentary, 2008, 50 min.

Barring one or two exceptions, they have no girlfriends and want to become pro soccer players: the D3 junior players of soccer club De Meern. Their coach is the Turkish Serkan Sert, who as a seventeen-year-old played pro soccer for one season with Top Oss. Although Serkan coaches white boys and plays in a mixed team, he is very conscious and proud of his cultural background. He tries to instil discipline and confidence into his boys. They can dream of a career, but Serkan is realistic. `Not one of those thirteen boys will end up with Real Madrid. Perhaps one of them will reach the premier league. But I want to teach them to go as far as possible.' His own goals are completing his communication management studies, play excellent soccer and make sure everything goes well at home. John Appel followed Serkan during practices and matches of both the D3 juniors and his own team, but also at home with his family. `I just want to be a good person and if I die tomorrow, I've managed to do so for twenty-one years and three months.'




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