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See You in Vegas

Documentary, 2007, 81 min.

Magician Hans Klok, who for years ended his Dutch shows with the catchphrase 'See you in Vegas', sincerely believes in his American dream. Documentary makers Beumer and Krijgsman follow the enthusiastic performer in the period he struggled free from the Dutch polder to go and hit the big times in desert city Las Vegas, the capital of entertainment. It surprises nobody in the illusionist's entourage that the road to the international top is strewn with unexpected setbacks and tough decisions. Still, Klok's own brother has to swallow his pride when he is laid off as the manager, because it is impossible for Hans to refuse an exclusive contract with Joop van den Ende's Stage Entertainment.
Despite all the glamour and glitter, Hans Klok remains a healthy Dutch guy in this portrait, who is prepared to pull out all the stops. It is self-evident that a lot is still left to the imagination.





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