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Ingelijst huwelijk

Short documentary, 2005, 52 min.

What is the essence of a healthy, long marriage? Is there a secret recipe? Via a portrait photographer, director Heddy Honigmann traced four couples of various ages and backgrounds and talked with them about the ingredients of their long-term marriages. All four of them have their own habits to keep the relationship stable. Theo and Riet married in 1951 and never say goodnight to each other. Jozef and Maria never go to bed with an angry face. Another couple split up after five years, but were reconciled again. Alternately, the four couples discuss the various stages in their shared life. Via photograph albums and candid conversations, usually in front of the camera, it becomes clear that a sound marriage is sometimes hard-won, but always worth its while.





Cinematographer - DoP


Sound designer

Location sound recordist

Production company