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Goltzius & the Pelican Company

Feature film, 2012, 120 min.

Hendrick Goltzius, the late 16th century Dutch printmaker and engraver of erotic prints approaches the Margrave of Alsace to give him money for the publication of an extraordinary book of pictures of Old Testament Biblical stories with themes of incest, adultery, female entrapment and necrophilia. In return, Goltzius? theatre company The Pelican Company has to provide six nights of entertainment, related to the six final sexual taboos. The Margrave?s courtiers are seduced by the titillating storytelling and swiftly sink into a pit of lechery and religious politics, until they are forced to buy their way out and support Goltzius in his ambitious endeavour. Multi-layered, historical drama in a theatrical setting. Goltzius provides the events with comment while the film laces words through the images. World premiere.

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