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De langste reis

Feature film, 1996, 90 min.

Television film about the relationship between a kidnapper and his victim. Gerard Mertens is nothing like the stereotype of the merciless criminal. He doesn't have a criminal record, is an academic and looks the dopey, homey type. Behind this mask of conventionality, there is however a hurt man. Gerard's career is on the rocks because a business partner has betrayed him and he has lost all faith in the world. Hatred of the man who was so unjust to him makes him kidnap his 'competitor', the affluent and successful captain of industry Willem-Jan Schuyt. The roles are reversed. As the day progresses, it becomes clear for both men that only one will survive their test of strength. Based upon the kidnapping of Gerrit Jan Heijn.

won prizes

  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf






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