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Short documentary, 2004, 50 min.

Filmmaker Maartje Bakers combines commentless, pointed observations with candid interviews in her portrait of a group of girls who are members of drum and brass band Beatrix in the village of Dongen, Noord-Brabant. The girls, of varying adolescent ages, not only explain why they like to perform with their marching band. Being a member of the band is also a metaphor of the march of life: what they (have to) learn during the passage from small girls to grown-up women. Fresh and uninhibited, the majorettes talk in front of the camera about what occupies their minds, like the first kiss, the first bra and the first steady boyfriend. Bakers captured the village life at various times of year. The majorettes march through summery woods, across a rain-drenched parking lot where St. Nicholas fails to show up, and duck into a carnival tent, faces made-up. By choosing life themes like infatuation, friendship and growing up, this documentary is more than just a characterisation of a Dutch association.






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