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El Olvido - Oblivion

Documentary, 2008, 93 min.

For a long time now, Peru has been governed by presidents who came into power through semi-democratic elections or corruption. Although these men promised in their inaugural speeches they would support the people, the Peruvians are mainly forgotten. As are the inhabitants of the capital Lima.
An elderly bartender mixes a classic cocktail. He has made this Pisco Sour for many presidents now. 'Behind the bar, you hear a lot, but you can also feel impotent. You can't change anything about the situation.' Many inhabitants of Lima originally come from the Andes Mountains. Hoping for a better life, they moved to the city - ending up in poverty, after all. But they are resourceful. Children do acrobatics at the traffic lights, while others shine shoes for hours. Like fourteen-year-old Henry, who contrasts sharply with the teenagers playing with their cellphones beside him.
Honigmann visits both the city centre and the slums where many young artists live. Restrained registrations alternate with the telling conversations that Honigmann has with people.

won prizes

  • NL - NFF Crystal Film (10,000 visitors documentary)

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