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Documentary, 2010, 74 min.

A man uses a megaphone to ask another man about his health. The latter uses his own hailer to answer from a distance. In 1967, Israel occupied the Golan Heights, until then Syrian territory. The annexation of the area by Israel in 1981 tore apart entire Syrian families. They can only keep in touch by shouting to each other.
The border between Israel and Syria is opened once a year to give youngsters the opportunity to go and study in Damascus. Shout follows the two friends Ezat and Bayan, who seize the chance to go to their unfamiliar native country when they are eighteen. But living anonymously in the big city is not as easy as they had thought, partly due to their home front's expectations. Especially for Bayan, who does not study for a well-paid job as a doctor or a dentist, but attends drama school.
The adventure eventually leads to a dilemma and when they return home for summer holiday, they have to choose between a career in the big city and the warmth of their family and friends.

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