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Documentary, 2011, 90 min.

For more than thirty years, the coffee shop has been the international model of tolerance and lenience in the Netherlands. Nobody is penalised here for using soft drugs. But the production nederwiet (Dutch skunk) is still prohibited. The result is an equally hilarious and worrisome cat-and-mouse game played by growers, coffee shop owners, organised crime, police and judges at the backdoor of coffee shops.
Filmmakers Maaik Krijgsman and Hans Pool decide to start growing marihuana at home. Their ill-fated enterprise is entertaining to watch. But the stories of the hemp grower, the seller of growing equipment and the coffee shop owner they do business with are sobering. The stricter police policy forces up the price, which paradoxically only fuels the interest of heavy criminals. The idealist hippie era is over.
Nederwiet shows all sides of the nederwiet business: from police raids of home growers and visits to large-scale nurseries to a musician who tries to end his weed addiction.




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