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Alles van waarde - Things that Matter

Documentary, 2011, 94 min.

Cinematic confrontation between documentary filmmaker Frans Bromet and his politically committed daughter Laura. In his quest for the spirit of the times, Bromet comes across all sorts of unpalatable issues, such as the dominant management culture, the poor state of elderly care and healthcare, housing and education, the growing energy problems and the rotten financial sector. The filmmaker is annoyed about the focus on streamlining and efficiency among the growing managers force, which increasingly loses sight of the human dimension. He discusses these topics with his daughter Laura, a local councillor for GroenLinks. The two confront each other with other people?s opinions, like a historian, a clergyman and a filmmaker. They have their discussions while driving an orange Canta across the Dutch polders, and use the necessary vintage Bromet humour.

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