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Kamer met uitzicht

Short documentary, 2001, 53 min.

In the Transvaal nursing home in The Hague, different cultures live side by side. In Kamer met uitzicht, director Ditte Mensink follows five residents. Apart from the usual strains and complaints - the loneliness, the physical deterioration and the grumbling about the fact that nobody ever comes and sits down on the bench in the sun - the residents must learn to handle each other's customs. A younger Caucasian man who complains that the home is a dull place and is the only one clapping along with the carnival music does not want to use an elevator with a dark-skinned man who is active. 'He shouts too much', he says disapprovingly. And, after a brief silence: 'He's a foreigner.' Mensink lets the residents speak for themselves and shows them during their daily activities in their rooms.




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