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Gemengde sla - Impressie van een stadsoase

Short documentary, 2005, 50 min.

Parks and gardens in city districts are usually not very inspiring sights. But in recent years, there is a growing awareness that a more intense perception of nature in residential areas enhances the local people's well-being. The Rotterdam quarter Het Oude Westen is a known problem area, but also an extraordinary multicultural community. The people in this confined district have worked wonders with the scarce square metres of greenery. A neighbourhood park was prepared and a botanical garden laid out, and hidden between the houses are allotment gardens for the generally immigrant inhabitants. Many of them have an agricultural background, as showcased by the impeccably kept plots. Gemengde Sla - Impressie van een stadsoase (Mixed Salad - Impressions of an Urban Oasis) shows how beautiful these pieces of nature are and how important to the users.





Line producer

Cinematographer - DoP


Location sound recordist

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