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Hou me vast - De Dijk - Hold on Tight - De Dijk

Documentary, 2011, 83 min.

For a full year, Suzanne Raes followed one of Holland's most popular pop bands: De Dijk. On the eve of their thirtieth anniversary, the band members look back on a more than successful career. They explain, with candid sobriety, how their songs come about: singer Huub van der Lubbe writes the lyrics and each of the other members tries to compose a fitting melody. It turns out to be an eventful year: Huub van der Lubbe causes a jolt when he announces he thinks about quitting, and the band gets the chance to record a CD with their idol Solomon Burke. Interviews with the different band members alternate with footage of rehearsals and shows across the country, which are invariably preceded by an extensive low-five ritual. The film works up to an exceptional climax: the actual studio recordings with the legendary Burke. But what should have been another highlight - a concert with the soul legend at the Amsterdam Paradiso - is rudely disrupted by his unexpected death on his arrival in the Netherlands.

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