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Smakelijk eten! Hoe voedsel de wereld verandert - Enjoy your Meal! How Food Changes the World

Documentary, 2010, 90 min.

Documentary about the production of our food abroad, taking the preparation of shrimps, pork and beans for a staff party buffet as a guideline. All year round, haricots verts, snow peas and sugar snaps are cultivated in Kenya for Dutch supermarkets. For this purpose, dams are put up and rivers diverted. People here are extremely frugal with water, but still small farmers downstream are left without any. In the Philippines, a shrimp farmer uses more and more space for his farm, at the expense of mangrove woods and the adjacent fishing village. In Brazil, farmers burn down large areas of jungle for the cultivation of soy, an important protein source for Dutch pigs. The smoke and pesticides pollute the water in the nearby Indian reserves.
The film dynamically demonstrates that for good and cheap food in the Netherlands people and the environment are sacrificed elsewhere in the world. It is clear that we in Holland are responsible for this.

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