Take this production


Feature film, 2001, 112 min.

Poetic feature film is set in an imaginary world in the sky. Every week, a son visits his eccentric father on a beautiful island, where they fly kites on the beach. The father enthrals his son with three magical fairytales about a land called Magonia. Together, they build a kite in the form of a Magonian flying ship and give their fantasy free rein. The stories take them to minarets and mosques, to the desert and the sea. The son sees the world through his father's eyes and for the first time understands what is going on in his father's head. This is the first time he sees him as a loving, but vulnerable man. For father and son, Magonia represents unattainable dreams and desires and the possibility of escaping to a magical place behind the clouds.






Cinematographer - DoP


Production designer

Cast (6)

Sound designer

Set dresser 

Location sound recordist


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