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Groeten van de Afsluitdijk

Short documentary, 2001, 25 min.

Thinking of Holland: an elderly man raises the Dutch flag on a snow-covered IJsselmeer Dam. It is Jan Conijn, who is filmed by director John Appel in his last days as a souvenir vendor next to the monument on the Dam. After 42 years, he quits his job. He shows the collection of postcards that was started by his father, in whose footsteps he has followed. On every card, long lines extend to a straight horizon. A timeless, endless landscape. In a touching scene, he leafs through the postcards with the publisher who made the photographs for him for about forty years. The cards, which Appel interweaves through the story, not only tell the story of the Dam, but also the life story of Jan Conijn. After almost half a century, the two have become inseparable.






Cinematographer - DoP


Sound mixer

Location sound recordist

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