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Beer Is Cheaper Than Therapy

Documentary, 2011, 76 min.

?I?m 22 years old and I must have killed 30 people. The same thing that you were given badges for in Iraq would have considered you a serial killer over here. That?s a very weird thought to have running around in your head when it?s dark.? Beer is Cheaper than Therapy depicts the ominous atmosphere in the Texan town of Killeen, where Fort Hood is located, the largest army base in the US. Thousands of soldiers swamp this town between missions. Psychological problems like post-traumatic stress disorder that many of ?our boys? suffer from also leave their mark on public life. The number of suicides among veterans and active soldiers increases. The documentary shows an underexposed side of the military story and reveals the frustrations underlying the facade of heroism and the John Wayne mentality.





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