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De zaak Vos

Short documentary, 2002, 50 min.

In Haiti, more than eighty children died after drinking a cough syrup containing glycerine that was polluted with antifreeze. In 1995, this glycerine was supplied to the Haitian company Pharval by the Dutch company Vos, that had bought it in China. After the court at first instance cleared Vos of liability as the intermediate trader, it turned out that the company had tested the glycerine and was aware that it was impure. Director Leo de Boer shows all perspectives of the story. From the parents in Haiti, who describe the victims' name, age and disease course, via the manager of Pharval - who was forced to flee the country - and the American scientists that were called in, to the former and current managers of Vos, who cannot say anything, because a confession of guilt would mean the bankruptcy of the company.





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