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Ondertussen in Nederland - Yvette

Short documentary, 2008, 40 min.

Director Simonka de Jong follows sixteen-year-old Yvette from Nieuwegein in the last eighteen months of her eventful secondary school years. On the face of it, Yvette is a tough girl: she wears Lonsdale clothes, hangs around the schoolyard smoking and indifferent, and argues with her classmates, who are unable to place and simply will not accept her racism. Yvette clearly does not know what to do with herself and appears to have two faces. She can look like a hardcore Lonsdale girl, but with her hair loose and in the intimacy of the living room she is just a shy adolescent girl with her own dreams and desires. De Jong follows Yvette in her daily routine with a fly-on-the-wall camera and occasionally asks her about her motives, right in front of the lens. Suddenly, Yvette's life is turned upside down. She takes a decision that not many people will have expected from this truant, peevish, searching adolescent.


  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf





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