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Reisverhalen - Een droomreis

Short documentary, 2002, 50 min.

Director Jacqueline van Vugt travels to Africa with her sister and mother to scatter the ashes of her father, who has suddenly died. She goes from Dakar to Timbuktu, a dream journey', because it ends at the most beloved project of her father, who was a development-aid worker. But the next of kin have mixed feelings: their father and husband used to pay more attention to the projects than to his family. He was an outsider, not in Africa, but in the Netherlands. It becomes an excursion of past and present, of religion and superstition, of reality and dreams. Up to the dispersion of the ashes, an uncomfortable termination of the trip. On the way, Van Vugt asks Africans about their dreams and speaks with a former colleague of her father's. In the process, the camera often films in such a way that the spectator gets the feeling that he is one of the people present, in the midst of the African life.




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