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Passie voor de Hermitage - deel 1

Short documentary, 2003, 25 min.

`A Hermitazjnik is someone who is completely devoted to the Hermitage', the young art historian claims, who is proud of his job as a porter in this enormous museum in St. Petersburg. Along with two elderly ladies - a curator and an attendant - he is the focus of this first episode of a five-part documentary series about the employees of the Hermitage. To them, the museum is a safe haven in an unsettled country, the art a solace and the group of fellow employees a family. Director Aliona van der Horst follows the three main characters at their activities in the endless galleries, abounding in excessive beauty, while Harry de Wit's soundtrack enhances the serene atmosphere. In interviews, they talk about the harsh outside world of yesterday and today, about a favourite work of art and about how long it takes to become a genuine Hermitazjnik.





Cinematographer - DoP


Sound mixer

Location sound recordist

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