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Dromen in Oktober

Short documentary, 1999, 44 min.

After the October Revolution in 1917, the exclusive Hotel du Nord in St. Petersburg was renamed and given the more political correct name 'October Hotel'. Since the introduction of capitalism, many companies have moved into the rooms. Against the background of faded glory, they form the face of the age, because business in Russia is in vogue. But no one knows how long it will last. In room 1028 is a registration and liquidation company, in 452 is a marriage advice bureau and a few rooms further along is a study centre where people can attend courses. As well as the stories of the residents and companies in the hotel, the director and cameraman Leo de Boer tells his own story and that of his muse Viktoria, one of the sixty women who keep an eye on one of the floors.




Cinematographer - DoP


Production company