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Het geheim van Ossenisse - De nieuwe tijd (deel III)

Short documentary, 2004, 50 min.

In 1994, Heijnen made a two-part documentary with the same title about Ossenisse, a hamlet in Dutch Zeeuws-Vlaanderen with 150 inhabitants, three streets, a church and a pub. In 2004, he returns for part III. In the meantime, the church has been sold and is empty and the pub no longer organises carnival. Heijnen interviews elderly residents, who watch traditional life in this rural village disappear before their eyes. `We used to know everyone, but now I don't even know my opposite neighbour.' The Kruiningen-Perkpolder ferry service was terminated in favour of a tunnel. `What does that tunnel do', a former ferryman complains. `It does nothing to me when I drive through it.' But old Frans still plays the accordion and looks at the future: `I'll get new curtains this summer.' And the aged, stooping Fons, a retired farmer, still lives independently in a house that stands agelessly in the landscape.




Cinematographer - DoP


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