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De prijs van de hemel

Documentary, 2012, 60 min.

Pablo is thirteen, follows general secondary education and plays for DWS, the Amsterdam soccer club where people like Frank Rijkaard and Ruud Gullit started their career. Just like all soccer-playing boys in his peer group, Pablo dreams of playing for Barça. His coach is convinced of his talent and predicts a great future for him. Filmmaker Jack Janssen follows the boy for a whole year. A year in which he is told he can go to Ajax, PSV or Feyenoord. Janssen shows Pablo on the pitch, where he effortlessly defeats his opponents; with his family, where his father showers him with well-intended but occasionally inconsistent advice; and at school, where things run less smoothly. The film also provides a glimpse of the world of professional soccer, where a continuous and ever tougher fight for young talents is fought.




Cinematographer - DoP


Sound editor

Location sound recordist

Production company