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Beperkt houdbaar

Documentary, 2007, 60 min.

External beauty has never been as dominant in our society as today. Annually, in the Netherlands alone, 2.3 billion euros of over the counter beauty products are sold. In the US, costly operations like vaginal corrections, laser rejuvenations and Brazilian butt enhancement have become generally accepted. Director Sunny Bergman puts herself in front of the camera while searching for the reasons for this excessive craving for perfection and meeting a slim beauty ideal. She visits chief editors of glossies, a beauty trade show and a psychologist and travels to the famous plastic surgeon Dr. Matlock in Los Angeles, who earns 350 thousand dollars a month from women's insecurities about their vaginas, breasts and buttocks. Bergman not only reflects on her own looks in the film, she also wonders where the limits are going to be. Will wrinkles be equally unacceptable in twenty years' time as unshaven armpits are now?





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