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Vrijdag de 14de - PerspectiefcorreKtie

Series, 2003, 25 min.

TV series in five episodes offers five scriptwriters the opportunity to make their TV debut in association with well-known directors. Each writer composed a story about people who refuse to throw in the towel. The festival screens three episodes. PERSPECTIEFCORRECTIE deals with the 16-year-old, highly gifted Stef who, pending admittance to Harvard, secretly arranges an entrance exam at the art academy. Then, she receives word that she is accepted by Harvard. In EREKWESTIE, the Turkish student Suna is a compliant daughter at home, but in college she reveals herself as a liberated girl. A tragic event forces her to choose between two cultures. With its dynamic photography, WAKE-UP CALL follows five friends who get a kick out of jolting people awake with discomforting actions. When swimming talent Lana becomes paraplegic after a staged collision, she makes a radical decision.





Cinematographer - DoP


Production designer


Sound mixer

Location sound recordist