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Aya Sofya Amsterdam

Documentary, 2007, 72 min.

For twelve years, the Turkish mosque society Milli Görus has been engaged in the realisation of the construction of the Wester Mosque in Amsterdam. They have had endless meetings with the municipal authorities, the housing association and the interest group of neighbours. When in February 2006 the then Minister of Justice Piet Hein Donner gives the green light for the opening, everything seems to be settled. The construction of the imposing mosque, with a minaret that will soar 42 meters high, can commence. But one year later, the building site in the Baarsjes district in Amsterdam West is still vacant and deserted.
Documentary maker Jack Janssen follows the young Turkish chairman of the mosque society, Fati Dag, in his footsteps. He often finds him alone near the future site of the mosque. Despite all opposition and setbacks, he still believes that the mosque will be built. Fati's aged father has his private worries and his mother is anxious about her son who never sleeps.




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