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Fairuz, We hielden zoveel van mekaar

Documentary, 2003, 75 min.

`The woman with the golden voice.' `We love Fairuz more than her husband used to.' `Only she is able to talk with heaven.' For half a century, the admirers of the Palestinian singer Fairuz have been ascribing divine powers to her. Everywhere in the world, so also in Lebanon, people worship this lady who is able to make the moon come out with her voice, tradition has it. In Fairuz, We Loved Each Other So Much, several fans use anecdotes to illustrate the great significance this performer has in their daily lives. They all draw strength from the magical voice; strength they need to survive as Palestinians in Lebanon, the country they loath so deeply. And they all have their favourite songs, which are performed in the documentary, whether or not to accompany shots of Lebanon and old photographs of the now aged but still performing singer. The lack of moving pictures from the film adds to Fairuz's mythologization, but the patient spectator is eventually rewarded with the `goddess' in person.





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