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Enneagram - Impasse

Series, 2003, 50 min.

The age-old enneagon is a circle enclosing a nine-pointed figure. The theory is that the points represent different typed of personality, of which every man possesses one basic type that will never change.
In each episode of the nine-part TV series Enneagram, a different archetype is treated. Impasse deals with the thinker. The Dutch- and English-spoken subdued TV drama is set in a Moroccan milieu.
The boy Tarik is a thinker who prefers to retire to a quiet place. His family is preparing an important family celebration, so everybody is up and about. Except his unapproachable mother, who quietly looks ahead and sometimes weeps. She is torn apart by homesickness, the doctor diagnoses, but Tarik fails to understand what this means. At the celebration, the passive Tarik and his family clash, and the boy runs off. After a frightening nocturnal adventure and a stay in a hammam, Tarik understands what being homesick feels like.






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