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Blond, Blue Eyes

Documentary, 2006, 62 min.

Unasked, Rutger Hauer proves that he is more than a world-famous star. On a certificate, requested by a group of fans, it says that somewhere next to Orion a real star has been named after him. 'Nigh on weird,' Hauer comments.
Simone de Vries followed the most famous Dutch actor from Hollywood to film sets in Rumania and the Real Madrid stadium. But also at home in Friesland, where his wife - his 'faithful anchor' - tells about their 35-year relationship.
In his long career, Hauer (1944) played over one hundred roles. In this docu-portrait, he is relaxed and puts things in perspective, without pretending he is not playing a role in this capacity: 'The audience never forgets I'm an actor'. He has no problems with the fact that people misunderstand him. He likes to preserve the mystery. Still, De Vries manages to get a bit closer. Hauer looks back with contentment on a handful of fine roles, though most of them mainly served to pay the rent. He does not fret about missed opportunities: 'What you miss in life is not the goal'.






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