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Blind Date

Feature film, 2008, 83 min.

The second of three American remakes of films by deceased Dutch director Theo van Gogh, following Interview in 2007 (directed by Steve Buscemi) and preceding 1-900 (director John Turturro). In Blind Date, a clumsy magician and his wife repeatedly pretend they have a blind date with each other to revive their relationship. Using personal ads, which act as punctuation between the various scenes, they choose different roles. They always meet in the conjurer's theatre, where their awkward conversations soon go off the rails. They do not know how to cope with the loss of their daughter, who was killed in an accident and now comments on the events in the voice-over. Patricia Clarkson plays the role that was originally performed by Renée Fokker; director Stanley Tucci plays the male lead, which in the original version was played by Peer Mascini - who has a supporting role here, beside people like Georgina Verbaan and Thijs Römer.

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