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De arm van Jezus

Feature film, 2003, 70 min.

Surrealist feature film with musical ingredients is set in two different times. In black-and-white images, we see how Hendrik IJzermans, a miner from the Limburg village of Schinnen, wants to try his luck in the United States and bids his family farewell. Junior can only stand by and watch his father sail away in a flooded landscape, using the arm of Jesus as a paddle. Years later - the images have turned to colour - the same son, now a businessman, arrives in Rotterdam from America. In a shady hotel, he is unexpectedly confronted with his father's past. It appears they have a lot in common. In his feature film début, documentary maker André van der Hout tells the fictitious story of the father by using found footage of Limburg mines and the Rotterdam port. The leading roles are played by members of the pop group De Kift, who also composed the score.

other prizes

  • NL - NFF Dutch Film Critics Award





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