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Help, ik heb talent!

Short documentary, 2006, 55 min.

Why does Holland produce relatively few musical top talents? Roel van Dalen wanted to examine the issue and involved two young brothers who exhibit great piano virtuosity and take lessons from a Portuguese master pianist for a year. He also asks various people from the music scene what the road to the international top is paved with. With a complex number of factors, it appears, that are thin on the ground in our sober country: genius, a stimulating environment, a monomaniac disposition, the will to go to extremes and the fortune to meet the right people at the right time.
The egalitarian and businesslike country of Holland does not particularly milk its reservoir of artistic talent to the last drop. Having an extraordinary gift is suspicious in advance and art does not yield any immediate gain. A subsidised institute like the English Yehudi Menuhin School of Music is almost unimaginable here.
Still, in the end the two young talents- on stage at the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, flanked by their Portuguese mentor - receive a roar of applause.




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