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Een vogel op sterk water

Short documentary, 2008, 15 min.

Thirteen-year-old Marth admits the camera to a place only a few people have access to: her room, i.e. her world. The introverted girl keeps a flock of living pets, but also a collection of animals in formalin. 'Not many people know this, and the people that do find it scary and creepy.' With the owner of a stuffed animal store she can talk about her hobby. She learns how she can put a small animal in formalin and that makes her happy: from now on, she can share her appreciation of stuffed animals with someone.
Marth turns out to be a solitary girl, who often feels dejected and cuts herself with a knife. The filmmaker tentatively examines what motivates this young woman; Marth confides to her what she never shared with anybody before. The images illustrate that the girl feels an outsider in a family with a divorced mother and two younger sisters. In the end, she finds a special friend.





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