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Foto & Copyright by G.P. Fieret

Short documentary, 2009, 50 min.

In the United States, his most precious work costs no less than 20,000 dollars. But the Dutch photographer Gerard Petrus Fieret (1924-2009), who lived in wretched circumstances until old age, will not see a cent of it. At one point, he sold a big bunch of his pictures for 200 Euros a piece, thereby forfeiting his rights to the work. That is how it works in the art world, the American art dealer comments wryly. Meanwhile, the old man lives among pigeon shit in a ramshackle old house. He can no longer sleep on the bed, so he dozes in an easy chair. In the course of the documentary, the intriguing artist bids farewell to life, with a stop-over in a nursing home, where he does not really prosper. Apart from Fieret, the film introduces bosom friends, admirers and former models. An exciting element is the discovery of a wealth of badly preserved photos and negatives. Fieret treated his pictures quite roughly; he treaded on them and let mice eat away at them. The only photographer for whose work curators wear gloves to prevent getting dirty themselves.





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