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Het geheim van Ossenisse (deel I + II)

Documentary, 1994, 100 min.

Two-part documentary about a rural hamlet in the eastern corner of Zeeuws Vlaanderen. The catholic village of Ossenisse has about 150 inhabitants who share three streets, a church, a church hall and a bar.
The first part entitled The Dallas of Zeeuws Vlaanderen, looks at the competition between the bar and the church hall. Two unofficial mayors gather their supporters in both locations. One in the bar where the farmers meet. The other with the `outsiders' is in the church hall.
Part 2, De Oudstochtonen, looks at three elderly villagers. A sexton who found her love in the church, a retired farmer who was not allowed to marry a heathen woman and an accordionist who had no time to fall in love.




Cinematographer - DoP


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