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Leo en Tineke Vroman: Soms is liefde eeuwig

Short documentary, 2009, 33 min.

Biologist and poet Leo Vroman (1915) met his future wife Tineke (1921) in Utrecht at the Unitas students' union. The Jewish Vroman fled to the Netherlands East Indies in 1940, his fiancée Tineke was too young and stayed behind in Holland. Leo survived four Japanese POW camps and left for the US. There, he and Tineke got married in 1947. They both threw themselves into scientific research. Vroman made his poetry debut in 1946 and went on to build a sterling and frequently awarded oeuvre.
In their pensioner's flat in Fort Worth, Texas, the couple looks back on their rich lives, in which Vroman's love for his wife, so often sung about in his verse, plays the starring role. Between scenes of daily life in their flat, watching TV with plates on their laps and chatting in the kitchen, the couple speak freely and humorously about their approaching end: 'I imagine: a big urn for me, a small one for Tineke and a tiny one for our letters...'




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