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Esther - Wereldkampioen uit Wognum

Short documentary, 2005, 48 min.

According to her coach, Esther Schouten commands three wonderful characteristics: she boxes like a bloke, she has the looks of an alluring woman and the level-headedness of a typical North Holland girl. She disposes of a nose injury by saying 'I'm not in ballet, am I?' It is no coincidence that she is the world boxing champion. She calls her sport 'A hobby that got out of hand', but realises that the time has come to reap the harvest. Currently, she still works as a nightlife security guard. She throws her charms into the fray for the necessary media attention, doing a photo shoot for a men's magazine, TV appearances and radio interviews. Ponytail flying, she jogs through the polder, she goes to the beautician, works up a sweat in the gym, listens to her coach's pep talk and KOs an opponent in the ring. But a suitable sponsor does not easily announce himself. 'Life is a play', she states, 'and the better you are at playing your small parts, the better you feel. I think.'




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