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Kids & Docs - Ik wil naar huis

Short documentary, 2009, 15 min.

In this documentary, made within the scope of Kids & Docs, we follow fourteen-year-old Sietske. This adolescent was already placed in foster care at seven and subsequently stayed with some forty foster families. But Sietske invariably ran away; when she was eight, she already climbed out of bathroom windows. She could and would not accept she could no longer live at home with her mother. In the course of time, the teenager smoked a lot of pot, had the wrong friends and liked to raise hell. As various youth institutions did not know how to cope with Sietske, it was decided to put her up in a closed youth institution. She has been there for 18 months now, as if she were a criminal, while she has not done much wrong. Meanwhile, the day that Sietske will be released draws near. Aldershoff visits Sietske in youth institution Het Poortje where she tells her life story. Because Sietske can never simply go outside, the filmmaker chose to set up the camera within the four walls. This is an effective way to make the spectator experience what it feels like to be locked up.





Cinematographer - DoP


Sound editor

Location sound recordist

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