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George Sluizer - filmen over grenzen

Documentary, 2006, 68 min.

Documentary portrait about Dutch filmmaker George Sluizer. Currently living in Nice, Sluizer wanted to escape the Dutch climate both physically and mentally and tried to tune his life and work to that. In his films, he looked (and looks) for adventure, challenges and perfection. Sluizer's first films dealt with his relationship with Holland, where the endless polders without a horizon, boundless, to him seemed like a prison. For that matter, his best-known film Spoorloos most distinctly indicates that horizon. It is the pinnacle of claustrophobia when the protagonist, still alive in a coffin, faces death.Sluizer is a filmmaker and an ardent climber who, balancing on the cliff face, looks back on the successes and disillusions in his career. Jeff Bridges, Jan de Bont, Rudolf van den Berg, Tim Krabbé, Johanna ter Steege and others are also introduced.




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