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Kust van zand

Short documentary, 2002, 30 min.

The Dutch have been defending their country against the sea for many centuries. Dunes and dykes were thrown up, land was raised with fluid sand, marram grass was planted to prevent the sand from being blown away. Nowadays, a turning point seems to be reached. A new vision on the Dutch coastline has arisen: nature should be able to run its course. So, dykes are breached to give the sea a chance to establish a relationship with the polder. The brackish water should bring about a new ecological paradise. A nice idea, but as is clear from Sandy Coastline, not uncontroversial. Opponents find it ridiculous that dykes and dunes and land that was hard-won with blood, sweat and tears must give way to nature. Ireen van Ditshuyzen introduces advocates and opponents, meanwhile showing, in gorgeous images of an impressive coastline, the amazing fight between land and sea.




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Cinematographer - DoP


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