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Russische reizigers in Afrika

Short documentary, 1998, 52 min.

Tragi-comic double portrait about the despondent life of poverty, drink and violence of two painters in the Russian countryside. Aunt Luyba is now one hundred years old and lives off berries and mushrooms. She was once famous for her paintings that an art collector chanced upon. In exchange for brushes and canvas, he took piles of paintings and organised exhibitions. That is also what happened to Leonov, a painter who lives 200 kilometres away with his wife in a small hovel. Until expectations of the art collectors rose and the artists had to produce work in exchange for a few roubles or a kilogram of sausage. Alongside the individual life story of the artists, mocking villagers, Lyuba's son, a collector and an art historian comment on the artists and their work.




Cinematographer - DoP


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