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Het laatste Joegoslavische elftal

Documentary film, 2000, 85 min.

In 1987, the world youth soccer championships were held in Chile and won by the Yugoslav team. Back home the footballers were called 'the Chileans'. When war broke out in 1990, the team fell apart. The world champions were divided by the war. They had to choose a new father land, nationality and a new soccer team. In 1999 the Yugoslavs and Croats faced each other during the nerve-wracking qualification matches for Euro 2000. The film is Vuk Janik's story about his country falling apart, told by his former heroes. He shows the players, their family and friends in the villages were they grew up, on their old poverty-stricken pitches and at the major European clubs where they ended up.


  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf




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