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Morgen kan het donker zijn

Documentary, 2011, 85 min.

Franka (27) has Usher syndrome. She is deaf and has limited vision. When she was fourteen, she went to a boarding school. She only saw her Noord-Brabant family in weekends and holidays. Over the years, the contact with her parents, brother and sister slowly disintegrated. Today, Franka lives alone and does packaging work at a sheltered workshop. She is a huge fan of Enrique Iglesias and would love to have a Jack Russell Terrier.
Morgen kan het donker zijn captures her daily life. Her limitations seriously complicate her life. She doesn?t simply reconcile herself to the facts, although her stubbornness doesn?t simplify things, either. She tells her story through an interpreter and we see her having dinner with her best friend Janneke, backstage at Enrique Iglesias and during occasionally taxing conversations with her coaches. Franka won?t be trifled with and this reaches a climax during a conversation at home with her parents, who are unable to sympathise with her choices in her quest for happiness.





Cinematographer - DoP


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