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Woyzeck - een man wordt moordenaar

Feature film, 2005, 90 min.

When he saw the ZT Hollandia version of Büchner's Woyzeck in 2001, filmmaker Kees Hin recognised his own anger in the fury of the Woyzeck character. The fury about the terrible things happening in society, while the ones put above us pretend it is perfectly normal. In conjunction with ZT Hollandia dramatist Tom Blokland, Hin decided to make a modern Woyzeck that 'cut through the world like a knife'. In this theatre version, Woyzeck was a guinea pig that as a sea lion in a basin is tested and pressurised by a group of scientists. With footage of the play as the starting point and with the collaboration of the actors from the piece - with a masterly Bert Luppes as Woyzeck - Hin extends the Woyzeck story to the present day. He made a film that, as he says 'arose from fury and shame on the rough paving bricks of the virtual era. A cry of pain and shudder, which does not take the slightest notion of aesthetics.'






Cinematographer - DoP


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