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I Wanna Be Boss

Short documentary, 2008, 58 min.

China may well become the largest economy on earth this century. I Wanna Be Boss shows how the generation that should realise this is prepared for this daunting task. The documentary follows five talented secondary school students in their final year. Along with ten million peers, they have their eyes set on one of the few berths at the two top universities of Beijing. They study six days a week from dawn till dusk, curtailed by all sorts of restrictions (no Internet, no make-up and no contact with the other sex). Everything is dominated by the entrance exams; childish behaviour is out of the question. Most of the parents make big sacrifices for this important test, too. They place all their hope in what is often their only child. Even in the teachers' room the pressure is high - the larger the number of admissions, the higher the bonuses, the principal emphasises to his staff members. Interesting portrait of an achievement-oriented country.

won prizes

  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf





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