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Getekend land

Short documentary, 2004, 50 min.

In the film Getekend land, Freek van Leeuwen examines the prospects of his family's farm and the surrounding land in the urban Dutch society. Currently, opinions on the future of the countryside are divided and nobody knows where to go from here. Everyone has retreated to his own lot. Freek breaks the deadlock by consulting agricultural economists, model farms, recreation areas and representatives of nature and landscape interest groups. Filmmaker Peter Veer looked for a fresh outlook on the Dutch countryside. Will this new landscape be an urban one that will no longer be concerned with producing butter, cheese and eggs, but rather with instant experiences, water buffers and ecological linking zones? Then, the film arrives at the key question: What does this mean for the farmer? Will Freek be able to continue the family firm, and what kind of perspective does agriculture have in urbanised Holland?





Cinematographer - DoP


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