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Lang leve - Het ouderlijk huis

Short documentary, 2003, 39 min.

Night watchman Jo Gilessen (60) lives with his 86-year-old mother in Maastricht. In Rotterdam, William Minderhout (44) - who once lived on his own for six years - has returned to his parental home. And in the Groningen town of Veerle, Wubbe Kuper (46) lives and works on his parents' farm. Director Michiel van Erp films chiefly inside, in the tidy houses where the children feel at home and mother's word is still law. He shows us which hobbies the children like to withdraw into: Jo collects old gramophones, William likes to do motocross and Wubbe plunges into the community club life. He interviews the parents and children together and separately and asks them about the future - they have not given it much thought. For example, Jo does not know the first thing about cooking. Van Erp poses the same questions to the different families. It is clear that the parents actually want their sons to find a proper wife.





Cinematographer - DoP


Sound mixer

Location sound recordist

TV - broadcast production company