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From the moment it became operational (July 2014) the Netherlands Film Incentive has seen the following results:

  • A total of 181 projects
  • Of which 111 are international co-productions
  • Grants totaling almost €42M

In September 2017, the Incentive was opened for high end TV-series, and the possible cash rebate was raised to 35%. Click here for the Incentive details

Upcoming application deadlines 2018:

Film productions:

5 February

High end TV-series:

12 February

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Incentive Facts

Netherlands Film Production Incentive invests € 4.5 million in 18 new productions

The incentive productions that have received a grant in de fourth quarter of 2017 have been announced, including the pilot for High-end TV. A total of 29 productions have been supported for a total amount of €11,5M.

For details on the supported projects, click here for information on the pilot round for High-end TV, and here for the supported film projects in this round.

For the list of supported productions in the previous rounds, click here.

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