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Otto Frank, de vader van Anne

Documentary, 2010, 75 min.

Anne Frank's father Otto survived Auschwitz. After the war, he returned to the Netherlands, hoping to be reunited with his family. In vain: his wife and two daughters had perished in the concentration camp. Frank found a new goal in life by publishing the diary of Anne, his favourite daughter. In this documentary, the life story of Otto (Pim to Anne) is told on the basis of interviews with relatives, friends and other people involved, archive footage from TV interviews with Otto, photographs and excerpts from Otto's letters and Anne's diary. The film also describes the effects the publication of Anne's experiences and emotions had. The first edition of the book was still sold on a modest scale, but after the success of the American stage adaptation, the whole world wanted to read it. The film also contains impressive images of the theatrical première in Germany, where the audience was literally dumbfounded.





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